who is this visa for?

This visa is for persons being sponsored by an eligible employer to live and work in Australia indefinitely.

Employer Sponsored Visas - Information for Employers wanting to Sponsor a Person for a Permanent Employer Sponsored visa

Employers based in a metropolitan area may sponsor eligible employees for a Permanent Employer Sponsored visa.

To sponsor a person through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) employers must be able to demonstrate that they:

  • 1. Will pay the employee at the Market Salary Rate;
  • 2. Are actively and lawfully operating a business in Australia and that there is nothing adverse known about the business or its Directors;
  • 3. Seek to fill a genuine job vacancy;
  • 4. Are the direct employer of the applicant;
  • 5. Are able to meet financial obligations as set out by the Department of Immigration.

For further information regarding permanent Employer Sponsorship of an existing or prospective employee please contact the Australian Migration Advisory.

Additional requirements may apply
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Obligations as a Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa Holder

This is a Permanent visa allowing the holder to remain in Australia indefinitely. There are no work or study restrictions placed upon this visa.