Partner Visa Offer

The Australian Migration Advisory is offering a significantly discounted package to all partner visa applicants who engage our represetation. Payment plans are available for eligible applicants.

Partner Visa Offer

In these uncertain times, we would all like to feel a little more secure. Making sure that you safeguard your Australian residency status is one way to relieve the anxiety you may currently be feeling about your future.

If you are in a committed relationship with an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen (or eligible New Zealand Citizen), you may be eligible to apply for a Partner visa. People often dismiss these visas because of the extended processing times involved however, there are a number of benefits that should be considered.

1. All applicants who apply onshore are granted bridging visas allowing them to remain in Australia during the processing period.

2. Applicants with children in Australia can include their children in the Partner visa application*.

3. All applicants have access to Medicare during the processing period.

4. All applicants have unlimited work rights during the processing period*.

5. Applicants including their children on a Partner visa may not need to pay international student rates for their children to go to school during the processing period*.

6. There is no points test associated with a Partner visa.

7. Applicants do not need to rely on an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs in order to apply for a Partner visa.

8. Temporary visa holders who are partners of Australian Permanent Residents or Citizens are not subject to the same travel restrictions as other temporary visa holders (at the time of writing).

9. Best of all, you get to stay with your Australian Partner who may not be able to travel with you should you need to leave Australia and return home at the end of your current visa.

* Subject to certain conditions.

Another reason that people may not consider a Partner visa is because of the expense. The Australian Migration Advisory understands that people are worried about money right now. Therefore, we will be offering a special Partner visa promotion until the 31st of July. This offer includes:

1. A telephone consultation to discuss your eligibility and the processes involved with a Partner visa application for a discounted fee of $132.50 (50% of normal consultation fee)**.

2. Free preparation and submission of the application and character clearances which must be submitted on behalf of the Australian Sponsor (normally valued at $1,320.00).

3. A 6-month interest free payment plan allowing you to pay the Agent Service fees on a monthly basis.

** This amount will be deducted from the overall Agent Service fees should you decide to proceed with representation.

It should be noted that Partner visas are capped. This means that the Department can only approve a limited number each year, and with the current climate, we anticipate that the number of applications will increase. To assist in potentially reducing the processing time of an application, the Australian Migration Advisory aims to submit all Partner visa applications as ‘Decision Ready’. In doing this, we offer the following services:

1. Advice and instruction on how to register a relationship with a State / Territory Government (if required).

2. Provision of templates and instructions for the personal statements required from both the Applicant and Sponsor.

3. Provision of templates and instructions for supporting statements provided by third parties in support of the relationship (a Schedule 1 legislative requirement).

4. A cross reference of the information provided in personal and supporting statements to ensure there is no conflict in the information provided.

5. Formatting of all statements into formats considered acceptable by the Department and instructions on how to have these witnessed appropriately.

6. A cross reference of the Applicant’s education, employment, travel and address history so that supporting formwork required by the Department for character assessment can be completed accurately (e.g. Form 80 and / or Form 1221).

7. Instruction, collection and collation of documents required in order to verify the relationship between the Applicant and Sponsor.

8. A cross reference of the Sponsor’s travel and address history.

9. Completion of formwork required for the mandatory health and character assessments required by the Applicant.

10. Completion of formwork required for the mandatory character assessments required by the Sponsor.

11. Preparation and submission of character assessment formwork required by the Department (e.g. Form 80 and / or Form 1221).

12. Preparation and submission of the Partner visa application on behalf of the Applicant.

13. Preparation and submission of the Sponsorship application on behalf of the Sponsor.

If you would like to arrange a consultation, or an obligation free quotation, please contact a member of our team using either of the numbers below.

Brisbane: 07) 3010 9375
Sunshine Coast: 07) 5452 9878